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Car rental in Casablanca

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Advantages of renting a car in Casablanca

The freedom to explore on your own all destinations and locations are best reached by rental car. A rental car is essential for the most comfortable, fast and flexible mode of transport given the public transport crisis, the long distances between neighborhoods and the traffic congestion that characterizes a city like Casablanca.

Flexibility to plan on your own and change your route as you go instead of getting stuck on a bus or train. Wide selection of cars in Casablanca: You can find the best car rental deals in Casablanca for every type of car.

Our all inclusive services are best for short term or long term rental, you will have everything you need. With transparent rental conditions, book now and enjoy your stay in Casablanca with high quality and well maintained cars. You can also benefit from the rental service from Mohammed V airport for any long or short rental period.

Car rental in Casablanca for all occasions: Whether you are on a business trip or on a family vacation, we have what you need. Browse the different car models and choose the offer that suits you. We ensure the lowest car rental packages without compromising on quality of service.

Travel the city of Casablanca without worrying about car maintenance or any damage to the car. Our car rental packages start from 190.00 dhs / day. We also offer free home pick-up.

Mobility solutions adapted to your rental at very competitive rates. The advantage of discovering all the attractions of this tourist destination at your own pace.

Find offers with the lowest car rental prices in Casablanca directly via our efficient search system while benefiting from the most affordable rental service. Whether you are looking for a short term rental or a long term rental, you can have the best rental cars. Ranging from economical city vehicles to luxury cars. You will have a wide range of vehicle choices.

A simple rental process that meets international standards. A driver’s license from a majority of countries is acceptable if you are visiting Morocco and thinking of renting a car in Casablanca or at Mohammed V airport.

FAQs about renting a car in Casablanca

What type of car is recommended for driving in Casablanca ?

To circulate in Casablanca and adapt to local driving, nothing better than a small city car, reduced costs and small luggage. ideal for a cheap car rental in Casablanca.

What are the necessary documents for Casablanca car rental ?

To receive a car from the rental company or the person in charge of this procedure, you must provide the following information :

  • Identity card or passport (valid)
  • Credit card in the name of the renter if the rental amount will be paid by this card
  • Accepted cards are credit cards (CB, Visa, MasterCard)
  • Deposit by credit card in the name of the tenant
  • A valid driving license (at least two years old)

Is there a minimum or maximum age to rent a car in Casablanca ?

To rent a car in Casablanca and everywhere in Morocco, you must be at least 21 years old and had your license for more than a year to be able to reserve a car. However, these conditions may vary depending on the category of the rented vehicle.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Casablanca ?

Car rental in Casablanca costs on average 220 MAD per day.

When and where to book a car in Casablanca ?

The competition on the internet is stronger, so we are forced to charge more interesting rates to be competitive, and it is therefore the best way to rent a cheap car in Casablanca when you want. Via the Internet you book in real time, you only pay a deposit of the total amount of your rental, and take advantage of attractive prices subject to our general rental conditions. Immediately after your request, you get a detailed confirmation of your reservation.

How to count the days of car rental Casablanca ?

Days are calculated in 24-hour periods from the time of vehicle pick-up. So if you choose to pick up the car at 12:00 p.m. and return it the next day at 1:00 p.m., it will count as a 2-days rental.

What car for a woman ?

Favorite cars that women often like are:

  1. Fiat 500 women’s favorite city car for 2022.
  2. Mini Cooper the little city car that girls love.
  3. Toyota Yaris the ideal 5-door city car in town.
  4. Peugeot 208 the city car that won the hearts of ladies.
  5. Range rover evokes women’s passion, ideal for all roads.

How to set a car rental price in Casablanca ?

The price is calculated according to the category of the vehicle and the rental system you are interested in, the distance you plan to travel and/or the rental period for which you wish to have a car, but also the price of the different insurances. .

How much does an Economy car rental cost in Casablanca ?

In a normal period, An Economy car rental in Casablanca costs on average 280 MAD (about 27€) per day.

How much does an Compact car rental cost in Casablanca ?

In a normal period, An Compact car rental in Casablanca costs on average 340 MAD (about 33€) per day.

How much does an Suv rental cost in Casablanca ?

In a normal period, An Suv rental in Casablanca costs on average 800 MAD (about 78€) per day.

Can I change a car rental reservation in Casablanca ?

YES. It is possible to modify a reservation up to 72 hours before your departure, whether it is its duration, the pick-up time or the category of the vehicle. The only condition is that your new wishes are compatible with the rental company’s availability on site. If you wish to modify your reservation, it is best to contact us by telephone as soon as possible.
N.B: it is not possible to reduce the duration of your rental afterwards.

What are the cheapest gas stations in Casablanca ?

The cheapest gas stations in Casablanca are Afriquia & Winxo. They are generally about 0.50 Mad cheaper, per liter, than other stations.

What is the authorized speed limit for driving in Casablanca ?

In general, the speed in Morocco is limited to 60 km/h in cities, 100 km/h on national roads and 120 km/h on highways. Speed ​​checks and radars are relatively frequent, so pay attention to the signs.

Services and options

Car rental with Irental Casablanca is easy. All of our cars are recent and carefully maintained, have many options, unlimited mileage and are systematically checked after each return. In order to offer you even more peace of mind when renting, 7/7 and 24/24 assistance is included in the contract. Our support department is available to you at any time in the event of an incident.
In terms of options, we are not left out, depending on your case and your preferences, you are given the possibility of adding comfort options to your rental:

  • GPS navigation system
  • Child seats
  • Additional driver
  • Vehicle home delivery

You can also :

  • pay the total of your rental online
  • pay a deposit online

Why rent a car in Casablanca with Irental ?

New vehicles

All our vehicles are new, from small city cars to luxury cars, we offer you a wide choice of rental options.

Quality price ratio

Attractive prices on all our range of vehicles, economical, compact and 4x4 top of the line.

Availability 7 days / 7

Our agents are available 7 days a week by email or phone; to meet your needs.


Your personal data is safe grace to our secure reservation process.

Insurance for cars rental in Casablanca

Collision and theft coverage Insurance

All our vehicles are covered by a collision insurance policy and theft coverage in Morocco. In the event of an accident, breakage or theft, your financial liability is limited to the deductible of the rented car.
See insurance and additional protection


Remember that insurance for car rental in Casablanca includes an excess clause, which represents the amount you will have to pay if something happens during your rental period. The franchise and the security deposit vary according to the category of rental car.
The security deposit (franchise) start at 8,000 MAD for a small car (like Hyundai i10) and can go up to 40,000 MAD for large cars and 4×4 (like VW Touareg or Range rover sport).

Information about car rental in Casablanca

Pick-up locations Casablanca, and Mohammed V Casablanca Airport
Vehicle categories Economic, Compact, Intermediate, Medium 4×4, SUV & prestige 4×4 and high range cars
Near Casablanca Casablanca Airport (CMN), Mohammedia
Car return location Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier et Fez