FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You have questions ? We have the answers! The frequently asked questions allow you to get the answers to your questions about car rental in Casablanca, and Mohamed V Airport. Before your departure, some useful information for renting a vehicle without surprises. get informed!

Car rental age

Is there a minimum or maximum age to rent a car ?

To rent a car in Casablanca and anywhere in Morocco, you must be at least 21 years old and have had your driving license for more than a year to be able to reserve a vehicle. However, these conditions may vary depending on the category of the rented vehicle.

Payment method

What are the payment options available ?

– The so-called major cards: American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa.
– Payment in cash or displaced payments.
– Bank transfers.
– Company or personal checks are only accepted for rental payment for small category vehicles.
N.B: The credit card must be in the first and last name of the main driver.

Car rental models

Can I choose the vehicle model I want to rent?

Car reservations are made on the basis of categories, not models. Unless there is availability on a specific model, which will require confirmation, Irental Casablanca does not confirm the model, only the category of vehicle.

Question: what cars are available for rental ?

To know everything about our range of vehicles, Click here.

Booking modification

Can I modify a car booking ?

😁 YES. It is possible to modify a booking up to 72 hours before your departure, whether it is the duration, the pick-up time or the category of the vehicle. The only condition is that your new wishes are compatible with the availability of the rental company on site.
If you want to change your reservation, it is best to contact us by phone as soon as possible.
N.W : it is not possible to reduce the duration of your rental after the fact.

What protections are included in my online reservation ?

If you book through our website, you automatically have CDW, THW and PAI included. Only the tenants declared on the vehicle rental contract can claim as insured.
In the event of an accident or theft, the tenant must declare it to the lessor within 24 hours, complete a claim report and attach a police / gendarmerie report and / or receipt of complaint. The lessee must not abandon the vehicle, it remains his sole responsibility until the keys are handed over to an agent of the lessor.
Are not included in the basic protections:
• Damage to the upper and lower parts of the vehicle
• Damage caused to mechanical parts located under the vehicle (front axle, oil pan, etc.)
• Damage caused as a result of use not intended by the manufacturer, or off asphalt roads, damage caused by rain or sea water
• Partial theft or damage to accessories (hubcap, antenna, mirror, key, etc.)
• Broken glass
• Tires
• Loss or damage of goods transported in the rental vehicle
• Towing, immobilization and appraisal costs.
For more information, see our rental terms & conditions.

Booking cancellation

Is there a charge for cancel a booking ?

It is possible to cancel a booking up to 24 hours before your departure, but it will no longer be possible to recover the deposit you paid at the time of your online reservation.

Additional drivers

Are additional drivers allowed ?

OYES. Of course, but on condition that he has a driving license (but that goes without saying) and that he has been declared as an additional driver with the rental company. This option is chargeable and its amount depends on the rental companies, but it is mentioned in each car on our website.

On line car rental

What advantages does Internet booking offer ?

Grace to the Internet you book in real time, you only pay a deposit of the total amount of your rental, and benefit from attractive prices subject to our general rental conditions. Immediately after your request, you will receive a detailed confirmation of your reservation.
N.W: When you make an online booking you only pay a deposit of the total amount of your rental , and of course the remaining amount should be paid when you pick up your vehicle.

Question: Does the site use cookies ?

In the interest of its customers, the website operates a limited use of cookies. No personal information or credit card number will be stored in cookies. They contain a session number and some other basic information about your visit (for example, which country you chose when you came to our site). If you prefer, you can delete cookies. However, please complete your query or search before deleting your cookies. Otherwise, you will have to renew your request entirely. To know more, discover our privacy policy.

Do you have additional question ?

Our booking and customer service team are ready to answer your questions. Do you have a question? Contact us.

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Our service is currently encountering a high number of requests. Therefore, please contact us only if you want to make a booking or need immediate assistance.